Submitting jobs to DOS/VS IN VM/CMS

Looking at running DOS/VS under VM again. First off I wanted to know how I started VM with 4 guest terminals setup. As I showed here…

OK I made things difficult for myself because I documented things multiple places. And they don’t all work.

All this revolves around the “MECAFF – tools”. This also give you the superior “ee” editor.

It took awhile but I finally realized that I define the 4 guest terminals in hercules.rc.

However the guests 3270 startup in a very tiny window and I get…”Warning: Cannot convert string “--helvetica-bold-r-normal–14--100-100-p-*-iso8859-1″ to type FontStruct”. I’ve tried a few things (installing fonts, using the -efont switch, selecting “Save changed options” in the 3270 menu) but so far…no luck.

The startup command is like “sh x3270 -title DOS1 -geometry 80×24+700+600 -model 3279-2” I found if I omit the -geometry the screens are OK…but not positioned where I want them. This use to work!

Finally found useful documentation in “Computer_Simulator_Emulator/Emulators/Mainframe/Hercules/VM_370/vmdos-playground/”. Specifically…files in this order…

  • 0-Readme1st.txt
  • 0-START.txt describes how to startup the DOSs
  • compile.txt describes how to get JCL to VM and submit it to a DOS. And how to retrieve DOS listings locally where I can also run greenbar on them