Successfully booted my RSTS/E system

I really can’t brag. I just followed someones step by step instructions. Except I attempted to add tape drives and a card reader. I probably will have to add some statements to the startup ini. I could look at the SYSGEN manuals to make sense of it all. But why at this stage? I just want a working system to do what I want. It’s not important for me to under stand this anymore.

TU10,  TE10, or TS03 magtape (MT);
TU16, TE16, TU45, or TU77 magtape  (MM);
TS11  magtape  (MS);  
or  DECtape  (DT).

Option: HA

HARDWR suboption? LI

Name Address Vector Comments
TT: 177560 060
RL: 174400 160 Units: 0(RL01) 1(RL01) 2(RL01) 3(RL01)
RR: 176700 254 BAE=+050, Units: 0(RM03) 1(RM03) 2(RM03)
3(RM03) 4(RM03) 5(RM03) 6(RM03) 7(RM03)
TS0: 172520 224
PR0: 177550 070
PP0: 177554 074
LP0: 177514 200
RX0: 177170 264
CR0: 177160 230
DZ0: 160100 300
DZ1: 160110 310
DZ2: 160120 320
DZ3: 160130 330

KW11L 177546 100

Hertz = 60.

Other: FPU, Cache

HARDWR suboption? EXIT


ERRINT V7.0-07 RSTS V7.0-07 BillB Install
ERRLOG File is 2% Full
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Utilize Crash File Output (Yes/No) ?
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Simulation stopped, PC: 041410 (SOB R1,41406)
sim> show devices
PDP-11 simulator configuration

CPU, 11/73, NOCIS, autoconfiguration enabled, idle enabled, stability wait = 20s
RHA, address=17776700-17776753, vector=254, BR5, RH70 emulator
RHB, disabled
RHC, disabled
CLK, 60Hz, address=17777546-17777547, vector=100, BR6
PCLK, disabled
PTR, address=17777550-17777553, vector=70, BR4
PTP, address=17777554-17777557, vector=74, BR4
TTI, address=17777560-17777563, vector=60, BR4
TTO, address=17777564-17777567, vector=64, BR4
CR, no EOF pending, address=17777160-17777167, vector=230, BR6, 285 cards per minute, translation=029
LPT, address=17777514-17777517, vector=200, BR4
DLI, disabled
DLO, disabled
DCI, disabled
DCO, disabled
DZ, address=17760100-17760137, vector=300-334, BR5, lines=32 VH, disabled RC, disabled RF, disabled RK, disabled RL, RLV12, address=17774400-17774411, vector=160, BR5, 4 units HK, disabled RX, address=17777170-17777173, vector=264, BR5, 2 units
RY, disabled
RP, Massbus adapter 0, 8 units
RS, disabled
RQ, address=17772150-17772153, no vector, BR5, 4 units RQB, disabled RQC, disabled RQD, disabled TC, disabled TM, disabled TS, address=17772520-17772523, vector=224, BR5 TQ, TK50 (94MB), address=17774500-17774503, no vector, BR5, 4 units TU, disabled TA, disabled XQ, address=17774440-17774457, vector=120, BR5, MAC=08:00:2B:AA:BB:CC, type=DELQA-T,mode=DELQA, polling=disabled
XQB, disabled
XU, disabled
XUB, disabled
KG, disabled
KE, disabled