I guess seeing Celestia working again prompted me to look at Stellarium again. Was watching a video where the guy was describing setting your location from list which I was already aware of. But he also said you could manually set Latitude & Longitude for locations not on the list, which I also was aware of. Many years ago I used my zip code to get Latitude & Longitude info that was a little more accurate than the drop down list. Then he proceeds to enter those coordinate from memory for a city he knew. Which is fine, but most people wouldn’t probably know their latitude & longitude. So I think he should have taken 20 seconds to tell people that they could download a app on their phone that could provide that info using the built-in GPS.

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  1. Hi Bill,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. I came across them when searching for ‘x-plane and manjaro’ to sort out some issues I was having. Like you, I really want to like Manjaro, and Arch in general, but keep bouncing back to Ubuntu-based distros as they just seem to work well out of the box. Not sure if it’s bias when people talk about the speed improvements, my xfce Mint and KDE Neon installs have been super snappy (the latter has made me a KDE convert at under 700mb memory on start up with all the eye candy turned on) and they run x-plane and ortho4xp without any faffing about.

    I’ve installed Stellarium but yet to give it a run. With the bush fires here the sky’s been too poor for actual stargazing.

    Cheers from east coast Australia and blog on,

  2. Yes, I’m sure stargazing is not on the top of your list right now. I’ve been watching daily news stories about the devastation over there. I just heard, on the TV in the background, as I sit here typing, that a possible half billion animals have already been lost. Wow! Hopefully things will turn around soon. When they do I assume stargazing is much better there than here in South Florida, due to light pollution. If you haven’t already, you should also check out Celestia.

    I’m currently downloading X-Plane 11 on Manjaro, to compare against a problem I’m having with it on Linux Mint. Which I don’t blame on Mint, that’s just where I happen to run it. It ran fine for months. Due to me limiting downloading to a few gigs a day, it’s a multi day process for me to download 50+GB. I’ll have to take another look at Ortho4xp, for some reason I thought it was a MS-Windows program. Although my graphics card, is on the low end and couldn’t handle too much pushing anyway. Another thing to look at upgrading.

    I’m liking KDE on Manjaro, very customizable, although in general, I don’t tend to do that much customization.

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