Return to the Udemy Go course

It’s been a while but trying to jump back into Todd’s Go course. Very knowledgeable but trying to match the course content with the course is a challenge. He has some very interesting and useful VS Code tips.

Taking a break from the Udemy Lazarus course but likely won’t return, because of his attitude about change, he doesn’t seem interested in keeping up with advancements. I mean I might not have even questioned his teaching on pre-initializing arrays in the const section, if it didn’t sound so ridiculous and easy to disprove from the start. Silly me for expecting a const, not to be able to change. I mean I’m sure he’s very knowledgable too. But like I said I took the course for the OOP exposure, but at this point I think I’ll do better with the PDF book I have “Modern Object Pascal Introduction for Programmers” by Michalis Kamburelis.