My TRS-80 Bowling Score program

Well I was able to retrieve my TRS-80 bowling score program. It was the last file in a multi file wav download. Strangely enough I was successful by adjusting the volume. In a previous volume setting I was able to get a good load of the first few programs…but not the bowling program. Then I tried another volume adjustment, and I got the bowling program…but the first few programs were garbled. I like this little program because I actually took advantage of the TRS-80’s limited graphics. Everything was addressed…no screen scrolling or re-drawing. This is a stretch for non-artistic me.

I’d really more likely just ask for your score and just add it up below. Or something like this (text) if I was really ambitious.

| 5 | 3 |                                                             |                                                                           
|   ----|                                                             |                 
|   8   |                                                             |              

I found out you can only convert a single program to asc (which is ascii text). So I couldn’t use the convert trick I mentioned in the previous post. However once I had this program CLOADed…I could CSAVE it which creates a single program cas file. I then could convert that cas file to a asc file which is the human readable ASCII code program!

This means perhaps I’m just a few adjustments away from loading my Yahtzee program!