Just watched a YouTube video that touts the Synology 4-Bay DiskStation DS923+ for backup. He points out that removable hard drives are great…but they are a single point of failure. This maybe true however for me the the Synology solution…or others like that…are expensive! If you have the money it could be great. But there is no one size fits all solution. Personally for me just buying multiple removable storage is probably what I can live with. Yes I won’t have…to the minute backup. But the Synology is $600 without any drives. This 1TB Crucial drive I just bought was about $60…I could buy 10 of those for the same price. If I was writing a piece of code or working on some project that would take many hours or days to recreate then it’s up to me to pause from time to time and do a manual backup. Not to mention I could also copy it to another physical internal hard drive for a short time. Even if I have a physical HD failure, it’s highly unlikely that 2 HDs would fail at the same time. It’s also up to me to find some off site place to keep a backup. Which I don’t currently have. You can never (at least I can’t) plan for every “What if” situation.