Old computer listings

Today I found a old listing that I was looking for. Here is the 1st page…

In the grand scheme of things it’s not that important. But I think it’s one of the 1st Assembler programs I wrote as a paid programmer. It read a long distance tape from Southern Bell…if I remember correctly. Because we briefly got into the discount long distance telephone business. I believe the data was stored in half bytes. The program above assembled with no errors.

I also found a CICS digital clock program I wrote to display large digits on a 3270 terminal. I think I got the digits from job number digits on listings.

What I can’t seem to find are any DEC RSTS/E listings. I find it hard to believe I didn’t save ANY. RSTS/E was my intro to my computer profession. I specifically sought out a RSTS/E job to begin my carreer. I really wish I saved one particular listing from school. I was hired in the PDP-11 lab, along with other tutors. There were limited terminals available for the students. So the tutors had to assign terminals to students for 30 minutes. Keeping lists with times and monitoring clock time. So I wrote a program that would store students logon times and at 25 minutes would send them a message with audible alarms to save their work and finish up. It would automatically log them off at 30 minutes.