New phone

I read various complaints about this phone. However for someone like me that doesn’t buy a new phone every year or even every other year this phone, is 4 models greater than my old phone and a nice upgrade.


  • A huge plus was a way to turn off LGs KnockOn feature. I cannot express enough how much I absolutely hated that feature. LG hid the ability to turn it off on my old phone. I finally found a way by using an app to turn it off, the day before my phone screen cracked. I would put it in my pocket and walk to the store. I would constantly hear click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click as it would generate key presses because the knockOn feature would turn it on in my pocket. What made it even more aggravating were the many other times, I would tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap to wake it up and I would finally have to use the button to turn the peace of crap on. Hence, the ability to turn off LGs KnockOn feature will probably add a lot to the battery life.
  • It’s got 3GB as opposed to my old 2GB, a decent increase.


  • Non-removable battery.
  • No NFC. My old phone, same model had it, I never used it. However with the pandemic where it would be beneficial to minimize touching surfaces its not available.
  • Dedicated button to invoke Google Assistant. Is LG beholding to Google? I’d rather be able to invoke my own choice of app.
  • Facebook evidently is considered an essential app. You can’t even uninstall the big peace of personal info harvesting crap. WTH?
  • Can’t remove Really? People need Apartment and hotel rentals at their fingertips? This is a task that I may occasionally but seldom need.
  • Possible con is the size. Especially when I prefer to do most of my computing on my desktop computer. It’s pretty big. May have to consider a smaller phone next time.