Gmail & PHP

Change Gmail from IMAP to POP3 to save email with Thunderbird. Since I enabled 2-factor yesterday I needed an app password from Google to use on Android phone. Install LAMP and Ubuntu server under VM. In order to test changing my PHP programs that work in version 5.3 but not 5.5. Qualityhost had to bump me back from 5.5 to 5.3 to keep my PHP scrips working. First problem found [and maybe sole problem] is since PHP 5.4.0 the function import_request_variables[1] is no longer supported. Perhaps extract($_REQUEST); is the solution. Install and setup “offlineimap” to backup IMAP emails, because they appear to be downloaded in Thunderbird but actually they are stored/viewed on the server. Needed to use “Mutt” to view the mail Dir format. Hard to use, but has many option. Used new printer and output was terriable. Tried align print heads…didn’t help. Finaly clean print heads, level 3 [last one]…worked!