When I started OpenELEC noticed Time was again wrong. I guess the below mentioned change didn’t work. So I tried the change mentioned in the above config file but that didn’t work either. Finally found myself that you can just add “” in “Programs/OpenELEC configuration/OpenELEC settings/Network/”. Also in “System/Settings/Appearence/International” make sure timezone info is correct. All this is point & click. So one big “OpenELEC” gotcha to me is the fact tha all settings arn’t in “”System/Settings” but also in “”Programs/OpenELEC configuration/OpenELEC settings”.

Tried to open a encf stash created on main computer but it would hang. So created encf stash on Pi and it worked fine, Main computer could also open encf stash created on Pi.

Since omxplayer is only command line, wanted way to run it by clicking on the filename in PCManFM. Found a good potential solution titled “How to play a video on a Raspberry Pi Desktop by double-clicking on a file.” but it had problems right away with spaces in the filename. Don’t know bash scripting very well and unable to solve problem with my limited bash skills, so I turned to Python and without too much trouble, got it working. However had problems invoking it from the file manager, PCManFM. So I found this page called “Customize Your LXDE Right Click Menu” at that helped me solve this problem. So credit to both links. The problem was the way the Python program was being involked from PCManFM. Well this page explained how a “.desktop” file is created in “.local/share/applications” you can edit this file [for each file type] and add the correct parameters on the “exec=” statement. Also thanks to the first link, found that you couldn’t invoke the program directly because “omxplayer” commands won’t work…once you start playing the video you have to wait till it finishes, thank goodness I 1st played a short music video. The trick is to invoke your program through xterminal…”xterminal -e”, then the players commands work!