This is my website! A place where I show my modest website design skills.  I can put a website together but it won't have that wow factor. I don't have that creative gene so obviously it's not something I particularly enjoy either...you know, making things pretty. I don't draw or even doodle for fun. As Clint Eastwood said...“A Man’s Got To Know His Limitations”. I do appreciate and admire people with that skill though. Basic HTML probably has most of what I need to create a functional website. But I have to admit CSS can add a lot, so I do try and use it. However CSS often gives me a headache just looking at it, so I prefer to keep it simple for the most part.

It is also a place where I show some PHP & MySQL projects I've worked on. Starting with perhaps the simplist example on this page... a random quote. I began teaching myself PHP in the early 2000s on a home server in MS-Windows. I was going to say XAMPP but Wikipedia says that was 1st released on 2002 so it predates that. Today and for a long time I solely use Linux. At this point my website mainly shows I'm able to learn something on my own even before YouTube existed [2005]...more so than what a great PHP programmer I am. However I have begun mid 2019 to brush up a little so I can update my old PHP programs to a more current and supported, version.


I don't really consider myself a blogger. However I used WordPress to create an interactive log...so there you go!

Click the About button for more detail and it also includes has some stuff NOT available through the menu's.

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