Elon Musk

Today marks one month since Elon Musk took control of Twitter. After less than a week people were complaining about Twitters direction. “Nothing’s changed”! As if his ultimate plan could be realized overnight.

Not to single one person out but I follow conservative Catturd. So I notice his posts. Talk about turning on a dime. I remembered and was somewhat shocked at his assessment. I tried to look back at his comments but could only go back to Nov 10th. So I had to google.

And Elon responded. Twitter has 396.5 million users and 206 million users access Twitter daily. And Elon took time to respond to a single user complaining that Twitter wasn’t all better at day one.

I do believe Catturd has since changed his tune. However at what point do you say to yourself “I’m just a a guy with an opinion”. I should leave running a huge complex tech business to someone who is the boss of actual “Rocket scientists”.

He built Tesla…he built SpaceX. And all these armchair quarter backs know best what needs to be done. They have all their amateur shortsighted advice. He made massive employee cuts. Everyone is warning him of the risk of firing all these “experts”. I’m sure he didn’t sink $44 billion dollars into a company without giving it a lot of thought.

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