Typing special characters

  • Ctrl+shift+u (a underlined u will appear)
  • release the key combo (the underlined u will remain)
  • Type the HEX value of the character (it will appear next to the underlined u)
  • Press Enter
  • the special character will replace the underlined u and HEX code

For example using the HEX value…
2186 will display the down arrow ↆ
266A will display the music note ♪
271d will display a cross (The purple doesn’t appear in a my text editor) ✝
271e will display a different cross ✞
06e9 will display whatever this is ۩

In Linux Mint you can find these codes and many more in the Character Map

  • Useful scripts (on the left)…for me are Latin and Common… Sometimes you have to scroll down a bit to see them

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