TRS-80 IMPORT of Dancing Demon

Update these instructions. Why go over all this again? Because I realize I had partially documented some of this and had games scattered around making it tedious to find and run games I had ran in the past. So I placed them all in one subdirectory called 0-MyDisks. Sometimes prefix directories with a zero so it will sort at the top.

Dancing Demon

Added an explanation on the import command because apparently I thought I should know (years later) where the command IMPORT came from. It’s not a TRSDOS command which you might easily assume if not reading a explanation. Of course if you really thought about it you would realize it couldn’t be a TRSDOS command. Because TRSDOS had no concept of an external file when it was created.

I have no idea how I knew to do this. There are 3 dancing demon zip files. Apparently I used “Dancing_Demon_(1979)(Leo_Christopherson-80-NW_Publishing)[BAS].zip” because that’s the only place the file I imported is located. However there are no instruction in the zip. Also the imported files are binary but have a .bas extension which to me implies text source files.

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