Classic text based Star Trek

I remember running the above mentioned game on my school’s PDP/11 (model 40 I think) it was so much fun at the time. I also had a TRS-80 at the time. I really thought it would be awesome to run that game on my TRS-80. There were some Computer Game books around written by David H. Ahl out at the time. This was home computer early days. I don’t think they were called Personal computers or PCs back then. Somewhere along the line I found and I found Basic Computer Games TRS-80 Edition. And I typed in Super Star Trek. I can’t explain how cool it was to play almost the same Star Trek game on my own computer as I played on the schools mini computer that probably cost $100,000. Here is a link to a previous post where I show it running on a TRS-80 emulator.

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