This is my experience…so far. YMMV. Well it started out good. I had to virtually sign some documents Saturday…which I did. I Received the following text on Saturday.

Today I go to Carvana website where I am shown the following. I’m excluding some purchase details, only showing the left side of screen. As you can see all green check marks except apparently a final, 2 minute “Review order” step.

Well the Review Order step wants me to select a delivery date with a selection beginning with Nov 3. WTH #1? I already picked Oct 31. Which was confirmed by the above text.

So I attempt to call and was given the option to hold or have someone else call me back. I don’t like to answer calls not in my contacts so I choose to hold. After 20 minutes I am sent to a voice mailbox! WTH #2! So I decided to try their online chat and their AI, determining the proper response…sucked. So I asked for a human. They wanted incident details, and said someone would get back to me. But first they sent a code for me to enter then wanted my email & zip. I never received a response. I made a second call and again had to hold again, after 20+ minutes I was disconnected! WTH #3! So I finally decided I try a call back, not long after I received a call and was once again put in a wait queue. WTH #4! I thought the purpose of the call back was someone would call when available! Anyway someone finally answered.

Bare in mind the only reason I called was to clear up the delivery problem. But this person, who was nice, seemed to imply that I hadn’t completed everything and tells me my delivery is delayed because of payment verification! WTH #5! I was already given green check marks for both Cash or Finance and Payment! If all the Carvana indicators are green and I’m sent a delivery appointment what can I say. Also I used this confirmation to let someone who was tired of driving me around know that they needn’t fret after Saturday! Now I have to say never mind. Part of the very first steps I was told a Carvana rep my call or text me about any issues. I received no such contact. If you can send a delivery confirmation text. Then why can’t you send a potential problem text?

Oh I almost forgot I was also shown a countdown timer. And if I didn’t look at app today would have expired. They previously contacted me by both text and email (not about any of this!) so they had that option.

So what started out as a positive experience has somewhat soured. If I ever get the car I maybe happy. But I don’t want to forget what initially happened, which you sometimes do if the end result turns out good. I was hoping for a better pre-sale experience and not having to deal with people.