Put Linux on Sisters computer

My sister Terry sent down her laptop PC because it was running Windows XP which is no longer supported…support ended 4/6. I wanted to install Linux Mint but the current LTS is just ending and the new isn’t out yet. Wiped off XP after backing up data. Laptop is an older Dell Dimension. So I installed SolydX which seems to run very peppy on it. It’s a rolling release so theoretically it can stay updated forever…however the very first thing I had to do was update sources.list so it could update! Updates a little confusing, because the one in the menu updated much more than the one on the main screen. Time was wrong and very hard to fix on the command line. Got wireless working. Got her wireless router setup and working. Put buttons under address bar in Firefox for Facebook, Yahoo [for her email] and Youtube. Installed Google chrome also and installed the “LastPass” browser plug-in so she can easily manage her passwords. Trying to make Linux as easy as I can for a not very tech savy person.